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MVSR Summer Camp Fee Increase for 2022

Muskingum Valley Council BSA Unit Leadership,


First, we want to thank you for your incredible service to the youth of our Council. Now, more than ever before, our young people need the invaluable investment of time and leadership from adult leaders who care deeply and wish to see our young people succeed in Life. One of our Council’s most important assets in the mission to prepare our youth for life is Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation. For many, many years youth and adult leaders have been attending Summer Camp, Camporees, Campouts and Training Events at MVSR. Muskingum Valley Council has worked very hard to control costs, utilize every available resource and hold Camp Fees as low as possible. The past two years have been a formidable challenge in many, many ways and the resultant increases in Costs have taken a toll on operating budgets. As a result of accelerated increases in the cost of food, operating supplies, facility maintenance, labor, and staff training/certification fees, coupled with new Health and Safety regulations and requirements, it has become necessary to introduce an increase in the MVSR Summer Camp Fees for 2022. After examining the current and future forecast for cost of supplies and a thorough cost study of surrounding Summer Camp Fees of the 15 BSA Summer Camps that operate in our tri-state area and carefully considering many options, the MVC Executive Board has agreed to implement the following rate structure for the 2022 MVSR Summer Camp Season:


-MVSR 2022 Early Registration Fee, if paid no later than 4/29/22, is $325/Youth

-MVSR 2022 Registration Fee if paid after 4/30/22 and UP TO one week before the Unit’s Camp Date is $350/Youth.

-MVSR 2022 Late Fee (after one week before a Unit’s Camp Date) is $365/Youth

-A $25/Youth Deposit can be made at the Annual MVSR Leader Meeting

-An increase of $5/Youth for Resident Camp

-Any special dietary restrictions MUST be reported no later than 4/29/22 for those needs to be met at no additional charge.

-Camp Scholarship Program will be advertised and utilized for hardships

-MVC will prepare a Communication Plan to Unit Leaders for preparation for submission of Camp Fees


We fully understand the financial position that many of our Councils’ Units are in, and the Council stands ready to assist youth who need assistance attending Summer Camp. We are fully committed to keeping the MVSR Summer Program one of the best experiences in our area for our Youth and we look forward to continuing to serve BSA Units from across the region. Thank you, again, for your involvement and commitment to the Mission of BSA.


The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.”

Muskingum Valley Council Board of Directors


William Shriver Linda Udischas Anne Herriage

Council President Council Commissioner Scout Executive


Mark A. Banta


Chairman – Program Committee, Muskingum Valley Council, BSA