Oregon Trail Klondike 2023

Klondike BnW Patch

Jan 13-15th, 2023

Who: All BSA Troops / Crews

What: Oregon Trail Klondike

Where: MVSR

When: Jan 13th-15th (check-in Friday 6-8pm; sunset 5:25pm)

What to bring: Your “Wagon” (AKA Sled), cold weather gear, 2 auction items per patrol, and ENTHUSIASM

Cost: $25 per youth, $15 per adult

Event Contact: Zechariah Bauer – 740.408.4784 – zechariahbauer@me.com

MVSR is going to take you on a journey this winter across the Oregon Trail. Units will need to bring their patrols of roughly 6 scouts. We ask units to break up in to patrols as much as possible to allow all members an outstanding weekend. This year your patrol will explore more of north camp in the winter, and we would like to challenge you to cooking in cast iron for all meals.

This year we will have a “ford the river” lashing competition on the upper parade field. More information upcoming but start your E.D.G.E method now for the Double Floor Lashing. Patrols will need to build a raft that will be able to cross a 8-foot river or ravine.

Units will be responsible for sat breakfast/lunch and any meals on Sunday. Klondike Krew will have Friday evening cracker-barrel (Chili) and Saturday night feast (Chicken and Noodles). Gluten and dairy allergy will be available, no other options. Patrols should be planning to COOK a hot meal this year for breakfast and lunch this year. Please email Klondike Chair 30 days prior to event if you have allergies.

Look for the FULL 2023 SPL / Leaders guide in October and plan to bring your unit to the Oregon Trail Klondike at MVSR!

Come and enjoy the event, work together, earn KASH, experience the Klondike Auction Saturday night, and grow in Scouting.