Fall Popcorn Sale Information

Leaders guide and Timeline

Here is our Popcorn Leader’s Guide


August and September
• Register & Update your Scout Account in Camp Master. Visit Ordering.CAMPMASTERS.org see instruction page included in this guide
• Have a budget for your Scouts’ “Ideal Year of Scouting”, set your sales goal and empower youth to make it happen.
• Have your own UNIT POPCORN KICKOFF! Our studies have shown that units that have a kickoff continuously increase their sale from the previous year!
• Make sure your unit has a bank account. Transactions should NOT be handled through personal checking accounts.
• All Registered Scouts should have received their sales form materials in the mail around THIS MONTH
• August popcorn guide and sales forms available to unit leaders
• You must personally distribute materials to new Scouts that you sign up in September.
 August 26 by 3:00 pm — Show and Sell orders due. Orders entered ONLINE
 September 17 — Units pick up their Show and Sell order location TBD
 September 17 — Sale Begins!
 October 25— Show & Sell payment due, Prize and Popcorn Take Order Due and ALLRETURNS Due by 3:00 pm. WE can only accept 10% Returns of your Show & Sell Order
 Units MUST order product and prizes on-line.
 These items need to be brought to the Council Service Center or e-mailed to elaine.shoemaker@scouting.org :
• Copy of prize order and popcorn order from website.
• List of all Scouts that sold with their total sale amout (use page at end of this guide).
• Chairman should also remember to bring registrations and payment for unregistered youth members.
 November 19th Take Order Distribution & Popcorn Pick Up Day
 November 19th Take Order Payment Due
 November 19th Popcorn distributed to units through one distribution point.
 November 19th All products must be picked up at the distribution point on this date. It will not be delivered to your unit.
 If you are mailing your unit payment to the Council Service Center, please allow the time to ensure we receive it by November 19 .
 ONE check or money order from your unit should be presented for payment.
 NO CASH OR ADDITIONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Customers should make checks payable to your unit. Your unit should have a checking account to handle this transaction.
 Due to national shortage or truck drivers and shipping delays all delivery dates may be subject to change and may be adjusted. Notifications will be sent via email to your unit’s popcorn kernel who should be listed in your Campmaster account online