2023 MVC Jamboree Patch Information

Behold! The full CSP set with center patch that our scouts will be trading at the 2023 National Jamboree in July of 2023!!!


Muskingum Valley Council serves on average over 1,000 youth and families per year in Southeast Ohio and Northern West Virginia. Scouting is about fun, hands-on learning and achievement that puts kids in the middle of the action and prepares them for today – and the future.  Muskingum Valley Council has a long history of providing life-changing programs to the young men and women of Southeast Ohio and Northern West Virginia.

The Y-Bridge - Zanesville Area

The Zanesville Y-Bridge is a historic Y-shaped three-way bridge that spans the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum Rivers in downtown Zanesville, Ohio. The first Zanesville Y-Bridge was constructed in 1814 and over the years has been rebuilt a total of five times to include both toll and a covered bridges. In 1814 the toll for a foot passenger was 3 cents, a horse or mule cost 4 cents, and a horse and rider cost 12 1⁄2 cents.. Legend states that over a 100 years ago a local man was giving directions to someone from out of town and said, “ Go to the middle of the bridge and turn left.” and the saying has been around since then. The Y Bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Kokosing Gap Trail - Mount Vernon Area

The Kokosing Gap Trail is a 14-mile-long recreational trail built on a former Pennsylvania Railroad right-of-way alongside the Kokosing River in east central Ohio. The Trail opened in 1991, the 10-foot wide paved trail was designed for bicycling, walking and rollerblading. The trail begins at Mt. Vernon’s Phillips Park, where a large gravel parking area has been constructed. From there the trail follows Knox County’s scenic Kokosing River and surrounding countryside. Forested hills, wetlands, family farms, and the river itself offer pleasant scenery, and many opportunities for photography. The trail runs east to historic Gambier, the home of Kenyon College. Here, one can stop for a rest at one of the trail’s restroom facilities and take photos of a cosmetically restored 1940s-era steam locomotive, tender, flatcar, and cabosse. From Gambier, the trail continues northeast toward Howard, underneath Route 36 through a stone-arched tunnel, and then continues on towards Danville. This trail at present is the longest paved rail-trail in the US maintained solely by volunteers and donations. It is also one of the first 500 rail trails in the U.S.

U.S.S. Shenandoah - Cambridge Area

The USS Shenandoah was the first of four United States Navy rigid airships. It was constructed during 1922–1923 at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, and first flew in September 1923. The design was based on a Zeppelin Bomber built in 1917. It developed the U.S. Navy’s experience with rigid airships and made the first crossing of North America by airship. On 2 September 1925, The USS Shenandoah departed Lakehurst, MI on a promotional flight across the Midwest that would include flyovers of 40 cities and visits to state fairs. While passing through an area of thunderstorms and turbulence over Ohio early in the morning of September 3, 1923 during its 57th flight, the airship was caught in a violent updraft that carried it beyond the pressure limits of its gas bags. It was torn apart in the turbulence and crashed in three main pieces near Caldwell, Ohio. Fourteen crew members, including Commander Zachary Lansdowne, were killed. Local Boy Scouts from the area arrived on the scene of the crash and secured it until authorities arrived.

Monticello and Roscoe Village - Coshocton Area

The Ohio and Erie Canal system was built between 1825 and 1832 connecting Lake Erie at Cleveland with the Ohio River in Portsmouth. The canal system not only provided affordable travel but also helped establish towns along the way like Roscoe Village. Roscoe Village was originally named Caldersburgh after the founder, but later changed to honor William Roscoe the famous author and abolitionist. Roscoe Village remained a small community until the completion of the canal system and the landing of the canal boat Monticello on August 21, 1830. With the fourth largest wheat wheel along the canal Roscoe Village continued to prosper with the addition of a blacksmith, cooperage, hotel, mill, and several other stores. Today you can take a step back in time and visit Historic Roscoe Village with a self-guided living history tour. After enjoying Roscoe Village head just outside of town and take a canal boat ride on the Monticello III. Pulled by two large draft horses you can enjoy a ride along an original section of the Ohio and Erie Canal system.

Valley Gem - Marietta Area

Marietta, Oh is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers. Founded in 1877,, it was the first permanent settlement established in the Northwest Territory and was once the capital of Ohio. The Ohio River provided travelers with several options for passage. The popularity of the sternwheeler grew so much that the first Ohio River Sternwheel Festival occurred in 1976 and has continued to draw visitors every year.. One such Sternwheel that holds a special place with Scouts in the area is The Valley Gem. The Valley Gem has been in service for 50 years and has a capacity of 296 passengers. She has ferried Scouts and Scouters across the river for weekend Camporress on Blennerhassett Island. While cruising on the Valley Gem Scouts enjoy hearing about the history of sternwheelers and Marietta, taking in the sights along the Ohio River, and playing an occasional game of Rummikub.