Muskingum Valley Council Scout Executive and CEO

Some pictures of my Scout Career

Hello, my name is Jared Smith,

 a 2001 Eagle Scout and 2021 recipient of the National Eagle Scout Association Outstanding Eagle Scout Award. An experienced Scout and Scouter of the Muskingum Valley Council. In my life, I have had no greater dream than to be a part of a tremendous organization that has allowed me to avoid becoming a statistic. Without Scouting, statistics show I should have been unsuccessful, reliant on the system rather than being a contributor to the system. Through Scouting I learned the skills to ensure my younger siblings were cared for while our parents were unable to care for us. Scouting was my escape, my foundation, literally my everything.

My Scouting story is real, authentic, and the reason why I serve today as a Scouter. I want every youth to have a chance to discover what I have discovered no matter their back ground, Scouting provides the opportunity for future success even if your time with Scouting is only for a short duration, your time in Scouting has better prepared you for your future. 

I have a proven history and track record of creating, cultivating, and nurturing networks and developing and coaching award winning teams that have been recognized by city mayors, county commissioners, the Ohio State House, the United States Congress, and a Medal of Honor recipient. This is done by the ability to sell the vision, and the proper use of clout gained over time to be able to influence the room by past action and continued initiative of the greater good. Where others see the negative, opportunity exists if we hunt the good. I continue to use my Scouting skills of goal setting and resourcefulness to continue to build my vast network, not for the greater good of me, but for the greater good of all.