Muskingum Valley Council Executive Board

The council body, in addition to electing officers, elects the “council executive board.” From a practical standpoint, the council executive board is the governing body of the council, empowered by the council body to act in its stead.

Among its responsibilities are the following:

  • Exercises all powers of the council body between meetings of the council. This does not include authority to change or amend the articles of incorporation.
  • Approves the program and plans of incorporation.
  • Selects and employs a Scout executive.
  • Establishes a budget and raises funds adequate to achieve the objectives of Scouting.
  • Fills interim vacancies in offices and positions ordinarily subject to election by the council body.
  • Coordinates the work of the districts.
  • Approves the district commissioners on recommendations of district nominating committees with the concurrence of the Scout executive.
  • Approves plans of council committees.

Charlotte Ashcraft

Council Commissioner

Ed Wolfel

Council President

Jared Smith

Scout Executive

William Shriver

Immediate Past Council President

John Wheeler

Council Treasurer

Vacant Position

Executive Vice President

Amy Pinson

Vice President Administration

Ed Romito

Vice President Finance

Alan Hurst

Vice President Fund Development

Mark Banta

Vice President Program

James Gill

Vice President Properties

Zechariah Bauer

Vice President Marketing

Patrick Glasgow

Arrowhead District Chair

Joe Kahle

Zane Trace District Chair


River Trails District Chair

Ron Ashcraft

OA Lodge Advisor

Daniel Beebe

Tim Brown

Jere Butcher

Jeff Derr

Mark Doebrich

Greg Gentry

Caden Gibson

OA Lodge Chief

Jeff Gottke

Charles Hathaway

Ann Laudeman

Susan McDonald

James Miller

Training Chair

Frank O’Hare

Assistant Council Commissioner

Chrystal Rardin

Ron Rees

Ryan Rupp

Lee Russell

Traci Saffell

Thomas Sieber

David Stewart

Linda Udischas