Muskingum Valley Council

Strategic Plan for 2019, 2020, and 2021


MISSION – It is the mission of the Muskingum Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America, in cooperation with community organizations, to provide a high-quality Scouting program which will foster in young people a commitment to serve God and country while developing ethical and moral character, personal fitness, mental maturity and leadership ability.

VISION – The Muskingum Valley Council is the area’s recognized leader in youth and family development.

Core Values – The Core Values which guide the Council are found in the Scout Oath and Law. We also know that a well-planned program, delivered by trained leaders, with a strong outdoor program supported by a good commissioner attracts and retains youth.

Competitive Advantage – Our nationwide network and 100 years of experience are unequalled in this community. Our camp property and outdoor programs engage youth and adults, creating unparalleled growth experiences. Leader training and youth protection programs are among the best available.

Organization-Wide Strategies – The Muskingum Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America (MVCBSA), is committed to providing resources and programming to help all of our units succeed in delivering a program that will attract and retain youth. Our Council has achieved success through the Journey to Excellence and now faces opportunities to grow into the future.

This plan focuses on 4 of the main functions of the Council and ways Council Committees will support each other through shared success. Our strengths lie in our ability to form diverse teams and accomplish more than we could as individuals.

            The plan has 4 main goals to support our shared vision. These goals are in bold print and are then supported by committee contributions.

Unit Service – We will successfully integrate former Washington District into the Muskingum Valley Council, BSA

            Membership – Add Washington District scouters to the membership committee and share best practices to form a stronger membership committee

            Program – Encourage unit and council leaders from other counties to participate in events in the former Washington district. Units from the former Washington district will be encouraged to attend events in other counties of the Council.

            Finance – Identify and utilize sources for financing and fundraising within the Washington District by offering popcorn training within the District, strengthening FOS and including Washington District representation on the finance and fundraising committees.


Membership – We will successfully integrate girls into all aspects of the scouting program in Muskingum Valley Council, BSA

            Membership – Solicit membership in unusual places such as the mall and community events, gearing recruiting towards the whole family and highlighting how the program will work

            Program – Be proactive in recruiting and training den leaders and troop leaders for young women.

            Finance – Provide financial training for new girl units/parents to include fundraising, FOS & general treasury structure

Program – We will strengthen our outdoor program to better serve the youth of Muskingum Valley Council, BSA

            Membership – Hold “townhall” meetings explaining how the program functions with emphasis on the outdoor aspects of our program

            Program – Find additional locations (outside of MVSR) for troops and packs to camp and for districts to hold events

            Finance – Complete financial review of outdoor activities to determine true costs and establish reasonable fees that will sustain outdoor programming for the future and encourage the use of MVSR year round

Finance – We will develop new funding sources and strengthen existing fundraising to ensure long-term financial stability of MVCBSA

            Membership – Run promotional events and raise funds to send youth to camp

            Program – Develop activities to raise funds in each of our counties and to evaluate the success of these events over time.

            Finance – Establish special events in all districts & keep volunteers engaged in growing these events

 Finance – Develop a big “Home Run” event, expand “survivor” event and possible large “camp kick-off” event

            Finance – Identify new funding ideas and sources