Honoring a Lifetime of Service: Mason "Butch" John Wiseman Receives National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

In a world that often rushes forward, it’s inspiring to see individuals who dedicate their lives to service, leaving an indelible mark on their communities and the lives of countless others. Such is the case with Mason “Butch” John Wiseman, a remarkable man whose selfless contributions have made a lasting impact on multiple fronts. The Muskingum Valley Council NESA Committee proudly presents him with the prestigious National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award, recognizing his unparalleled commitment to Scouting and numerous philanthropic endeavors.

With an impressive 50 plus years as a Registered Scout and Scouter, Butch’s journey began with his achievement as an Eagle Scout in 1967. Not content with just the rank, he immersed himself in the Order of the Arrow, being elected in 1966 and later becoming a Brotherhood Member in 1996. He further exemplified his dedication by attaining the esteemed Vigil Honor Member status in 1999 and receiving the Lodge Founders Award in 2001.

Butch’s leadership in Scouting has been exemplary, with various roles that have shaped the lives of young Scouts. He served as the District Commissioner for many years and assumed the District Chair position for two years. The list of accolades he earned is extensive, including the Commissioner Award, Distinguished Commissioner Award, District Award of Merit, and the prestigious Silver Beaver Award in 2000, which recognizes distinguished service to young people in Scouting.

His contributions didn’t stop there; the recognition continued to follow Butch. In 2011, he received the Distinguished Silver Beaver Award, a rare honor that exemplifies outstanding service to the Allohak Council. Butch’s impact on the Eagle Scout program is astounding, having approved over 350 Eagle Scout projects and participated in over 340 Eagle Board of Reviews. Such dedication is the essence of mentorship and the Scout Spirit.

Butch’s generosity and passion for serving extended beyond the realm of Scouting. Throughout his life, he dedicated himself to various youth sports organizations, coaching Little League, Pony League, Girls Softball, and Pop Warner Football. His leadership role as the President of the Barlow, Ohio Youth League for four years and Warren, Ohio Youth League for two years showcases his commitment to fostering youth development in diverse areas.

Not content with focusing solely on the young, Butch’s involvement in his community included a myriad of philanthropic endeavors. His 28 years of dedicated service as a Committee Member of the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival of Marietta, Ohio, stand as a testament to his unwavering commitment. Rising to the positions of Director General in 2009 and President in 2010, Butch’s impact on this beloved festival has been profound.

Butch’s involvement in the festival’s Queen’s Committee, where he facilitated scholarships and awards for local youth, highlights his dedication to nurturing the potential of young people in the community. The total sum of over $80,000 in college scholarships and $20,000 in awards and prizes is a reflection of his unwavering belief in the power of education and opportunity.

However, one of Butch’s most cherished passions lies within the Masonic community. As a member of the Bartlett Masonic Lodge for over 40 years, he’s held the esteemed position of Past Master since 1988. Butch’s commitment as Lodge Treasurer for an impressive 32 years showcases his dedication to maintaining the legacy of the Masons.

Butch’s devotion to Scouting, his community, and the Masonic fraternity has been nothing short of extraordinary. His contributions have touched countless lives, and his positive influence continues to shape the trajectory of future generations. The National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award is a fitting recognition of Butch’s exceptional lifetime of service.

As we celebrate the achievements of Mason “Butch” John Wiseman, we are reminded of the profound impact that one person can have on the lives of many. His journey serves as an inspiration to us all, urging us to embrace the spirit of service and make a difference in the world around us. Congratulations to Butch on this well-deserved honor, and may his legacy continue to inspire others to follow in his footsteps and leave a lasting positive impact on their communities.